Unique applicant tracking software that will enable you to hire Top Performers 90% of the time.

The ability to hire Top Performers 90% of the time will significantly increase your profitability and happiness.

But here's the thing....

If there is no clarity and alignment on exactly what defines a top performer, all efforts are merely a hit and miss exercise.

If the wrong hiring strategy is automated it will only deliver chaos with more consistency.

If your hiring strategy is not set up to clearly distinguish between Top Performers and their mediocre counterparts, it simply won’t deliver consistent results.

You cannot build a great company if you can't consistently hire top performers.

That’s where Mint Kulca comes in.

We provide you with:

Crystal clarity on what top performers for your role looks like.

Clear steps guiding you towards success in hiring these top performers.

All from our automated, easy to use and customisable applicant tracking software product.


Step 1:
Gain clarity on what will define success in the role and environment.

In order to find top performers it is critical that you have clarity on the right culture fit, the right skill set, the right background, the right competencies and the right behaviour for the role. 

We specialise in helping you gain this clarity.


Step 2:
Discover a hiring strategy that will guide you towards hiring top performers 90% of the time.

The data collected during the clarity process will confirm a few hunches and uncover some blind spots. Trust your Hiring Success Partner to decipher the ideal profile and take you down the right hiring strategy path.

Step 3:
Equip your hiring team with an online platform that will automate best practice and deliver hiring success easier, faster and consistently.

Small, seemingly minor tasks in your hiring strategy can take up exponentially more time than you think and can become a logistical nightmare. 

The platform will make your life easier, save you time, and reduce costs. 

Choose to outsource tasks to a team of Hiring Experts

Step 4:
Choose to outsource tasks to a team of Hiring Experts.

Hiring Top Performers with the right culture fit, the right skill set, the right background, the right competencies and the right behaviour for the role, is fraught with difficulty.   Mint Kulca gives you the option to outsource some or all the steps in your hiring process to our accredited, expert Hiring Success Partners, that will take the burden off your shoulders.

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Step 1

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Step 2

Add your first role.  This will prompt you to book your customisation call with our expert team of hiring experts.  We will send you some questions prior to the call to ensure that we are 100% ready and prepared. During the call we ask questions and gain crystal clarity on your role and your environment.

Mint Kulca

Step 3

We use the clarity gained to create a unique Benchmark and Job Profile.  We customise and personalise the steps that will ensure success in your Hiring strategy.  (This includes, Job Advertisements, On-line Candidate Application process, On-line Screening Forms, Telephonic Screening, Interview and Reference templates.

Step 4

We show you how to post your job ad and how to utilise each step in your hiring strategy for maximum results.

You can see the magic work real time and in the process hire a Top Performer!!!

Mint Kulca continues where others stop.

We’re not just an Applicant Tracking System.
We’re not recruiters.
Although we can offer all of that...

Together we’ll find out what the measurement of a top performer is in your unique role and environment and then we create the strategy your business needs to hire Top Performers 90% of the time.

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