A message from our founders



Why are most companies bad at hiring? This is something I’ve pondered throughout my years as a recruitment consultant and owner in the staffing industry.

People are almost always the single largest expense in a company’s budget. Yet most companies have a better process for buying office supplies than hiring great talent. Here’s what I know to be true. When you hire new talent based on gut feelings, you leave your business success to chance. It doesn’t work.

Here’s what does.

You need a structured hiring process that empowers you to build your best team and allows you to grow rapidly.

We help you achieve that vision by putting the processes, tools, technology, and expertise in place to de-risk every hiring decision you make.

Nothing brings me greater joy than watching companies I’ve helped become more successful.



Our journey to revolutionising the way people look at hiring began many years ago.

We kept seeing clients (and ourselves) make the same costly and emotionally draining hiring mistakes, and we wanted to change the status quo. After years of research, we realised that bad hiring decisions happen to companies that lack clarity around what is needed for a new hire to be successful in the role.

You have to look beyond the hard skills and consider which soft skills, values, behavioural traits, and competencies are needed. We wanted to help business owners shift their thinking when it came to hiring decisions.

The goal was to spend more time and money getting the right people in the door instead of wasting time managing the problems created by hiring the wrong people. This strategy will separate mediocre businesses from truly successful ones.

I love that I can help business owners find, recruit, hire, and retain great people, and professionals excel and prosper in the right roles.