Hire More Top Performers with These Recruiting Strategies

Hire More Top Performers with These Recruiting Strategies

If you want to recruit top talent, it is going to take tenacity, consistency, and the effective application of a sound hiring strategy. It takes more than merely posting job advertisements to a broad audience using the latest technology. To find and hire the right person for the role, it is important to connect with the qualified candidates applying, cultivate positivity about the role, and find ways to outshine other employers.

That’s why we’ve put together ten recruiting strategies that will help you capture the attention of job seekers. By applying these ten strategies, you can make a more memorable first impression and sift out the best person for the role. You can also speak to Mint Kulca today to find out how we can help you hire top performers up to 90% of the time!

What’s a Recruiting Strategy?

A recruiting strategy is a thought-out plan of action predetermining what success in the role looks like, how you will attract qualified candidates, and how you will identify the best candidates for the role. You can use the recruiting strategies below as part of a larger hiring strategy.A recruiting strategy typically includes simple steps, like posting on job boards and on social media platforms. They also usually include more complex tactics like employee referral programs, and agencies that can bolster the recruitment process. Every step of your hiring process should have a strategic backing, and this strategy should be applied consistently if you want to successfully hire a top performer for the role.

8 Recruiting Strategy Hacks for Hiring Top Performers

 1. Post on Social Media
 2. Use Employee Referral Programs
 3. Finetune Your Job Descriptions
 4. Think of Candidates as Your Customers
 5. Claim Your Company’s Google Knowledge Graph
 6. Go to Industry Meetups and Events
 7. Don’t Rule Out Past Candidates
 8. Include Future Team Members and Peers in the Interview Process

1. Post on Social Media

When searching for the ideal candidate, many companies forget what an effecting recruiting tool social media is. You can share job postings with an interested audience or use paid social adverts to find leads. Social media is an excellent place for two-way conversations.You can be strategic about how you use social networks, whether you want to headhunt qualified talent on LinkedIn or share job openings in Facebook Ads, for example. Social is also a fantastic recruiting tool for passive recruiting. Potential applicants can get a good look at what your company culture is like and what it would be like to work for you on social platforms like LinkedIn.

Social media recruiting also encompasses the image your company puts out there. By sharing photos, videos, stories, and insights into your company, you can build excitement in potential employees. When candidates want to be part of what you’re building, it can make it easier for your recruitment team to build a good talent pool from which you can fish.

2. Use Employee Referral Programs

If you already have great employees that are top performers, it is likely they will associate with other highly capable professionals. By setting up and utilising employee referrals, you can gain access to this niche candidate pool. Creative recruiting strategies like these make a massive difference.

If your employee referral program is well thought out, it will encourage your employees to refer the best candidates they know for the position. These types of programs should be incentivised with competitions, bonuses, and other rewards.

3. Fine-tune Your Job Descriptions

You may think a job description is a rote part of the process, but it can actually be pivotal in your hiring process. Not only do you need to create a job description that is captivating, but it also needs to be inclusive of people with disabilities and accessible to a wide range of applicants.

You can improve your job ad description by making your titles specific and accurate, starting with a captivating and concise summary, detailing the essential requirements of the role, and highlighting the company culture.

Accurate titles help suitable candidates find your listing on online job boards. The summary can create excitement for the position and for your company. Including the core responsibilities, hard skills, soft skills, day-to-day activities, and other necessities for the role is vital if you want to lure quality candidates.

If you detail all the requirements, it is more likely to get applications from only the best-fit candidates rather than applicants that don’t suite the role or meet all the requirements. Finally, a culture fit is vital, and so applicants should be able to peek into your company culture in the job description. You can do this by highlighting your values.

Fine-tune Your Job Descriptions

4. Think of Candidates as Your Customers

How do candidates see your company? Their first impression is critical to the success of your recruiting efforts. They should feel as though you are equally excited to get to know them in your video interview, an in-person interview, or even during a phone screening.

When you think of candidates as if they are your customers, it can lead to more engaged candidates and finding the right person for the role. Consider taking the following steps to make your candidate experience exceptional.

>> Respect Applicants’ Time.

Being on time and not going over time shows your applicants respect. It is a good idea to make sure you are on time, or if you are running late, to communicate it in advance.

>> Practice Hospitality.

Hospitality can make candidates feel welcome, relaxed, and at home. You can offer candidates a drink, show them where the bathroom is, and make them feel comfortable. This can lead to a more pleasant interview experience.

>> Be Available.

Make it easier for candidates to get hold of you by giving them your contact information, so they can ask questions and voice their concerns.

5. Claim Your Company’s Google Knowledge Graph

Before the candidate application occurs, many applicants first search your company online to look at employee reviews, salary information, benefits, and more. You can make it easier to control what data they see first by claiming your Google knowledge graph. This table appears to the top right of Google or just at the top on a mobile device when people search your company.

Once you have claimed your knowledge graph, you can ensure the information on it is correct. You can also respond to reviews on Google and clean up the appearance of your company. This is one of those overlooked recruitment tools that can have a surprisingly big effect on the number of potential candidates that actually apply.

6. Go to Industry Meetups and Events

These events are an excellent opportunity to network and find motivated industry professionals. For example, if you are looking to hire fresh talent in the digital marketing field, attending marketing events will quickly put you in contact with people who are passionate about the field and looking to advance. Instead of sifting through hundreds of applicants, you could find an industry leader in the making at an event like this.

7. Don’t Rule Out Past Candidates

Sometimes, candidates don’t make the cut, not because they aren’t qualified, but due to other factors. Timing or other external factors could stop you from choosing them the first time, but don’t rule them out. Sometimes, gems are hiding in your past candidates pile waiting to be discovered. They will already be familiar with your company and may also have advanced in skills and capacity since you last had contact with them.

8. Include Future Team Members in the Interview Process

Current team members or line managers understand the role intrinsically, including what it will require. To gain added perspective on the suitability of a candidate, it is a good idea to involve peers and managers in the hiring process. They could help you gain clarity on what skills and experiences the candidate will need in order to succeed.

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