How to Hire Top Performers More Consistently

How to Hire Top Performers More Consistently

Finding the right people is the single biggest problem in business today. Almost all the owners and managers we speak to struggle to find and hire the talent necessary to drive their businesses forward. That is why we want to share how our unique and proudly South African Applicant Tracking System (we call it a Hiring Strategy platform) can guide you towards hiring top performers more consistently.

Why Does Hiring a Top Performer Matter? 

According to research, a top performing employee can be up to 400% more productive. 400%! Imagine what a difference it will make to your business if everyone was that productive.

This is a significant leap ahead of an average performer and can make a vast difference in any company’s bottom line. The math is simple: hire mostly poor performers, and you will always lose to your competitors.

Hire mostly average performers and you might do okay, but you will never break out of the pack. Hire mostly top performers and start running circles around your competitors.

Why Does it Matter to Candidates that They Are the Right Person for the Position?

We love to quote Horst Schulze when he echoes what we believe in deeply.

“Very few people want to come to work to be negative or to do a lousy job.”

We believe, and have witnessed repeatedly, that when you invite people to positions that suit them, then their talents can blossom. Top performers are a prospective hire whose unique interests and abilities are a close match to the competencies and soft skills required for success in the role. Each potential candidate you are considering has their own dreams and aspirations.

When they are a good match for the current role, they are happy in their position. This happiness drives their active engagement, and the engagement fuels job performance even further. But if they are placed in a position that doesn’t suit them, the opposite is true.

They end up dissatisfied, frustrated, disengaged, and unhappy. This unhappiness can spill over to the rest of the team and directly affect overall productivity, company culture, and engagement. More reason to make sure that you hire right the first time.

How to Identify a Top Performer in Your Hiring Process?

These are three of the most important steps in the process to ensure that you consistently hire top performers.

1. Clarity & Alignment

If there is no clarity and alignment on exactly what defines a top performer, all efforts are merely a hit and miss exercise. First and most importantly, you need to have crystal clarity on what success in the role would look like. You need to pre-define what you would need from a candidate in the particular role. 

It should include clarity on what the purpose of the role is, the exact outcomes that will have to be delivered by the person in the role, and a list of the non-negotiable skills and competencies that will secure success in the role.

2. Defined Steps to Follow

If your hiring strategy is not set up to distinguish clearly between top performers and their mediocre counterparts, it simply won’t deliver consistent results. You need a structured process that will help you and your team avoid extremely common mistakes like hiring based on a “gut feeling”.

Create a list of questions that will uncover the data points you are looking for. Measure the data against the list of non-negotiable skills and competencies and do not take shortcuts in your process. Only hire candidates that are a high match for your scorecard with a high probability of succeeding in your unique role.

3. Get Everybody on Your Team Aligned to Follow the Process

Increasing your company’s hiring success and hiring top performers consistently requires that everyone on the team who is part of the hiring process follow the exact same approach every time you hire. Get everyone on board.

No more quick gut decisions just to fill a gap. If you and your team put in the extra hours and follow the hiring process, you will save endless hours struggling with poor performers. 

What is an Applicant Tracking System?

Anapplicant tracking system (ATS) helps companies organize candidates for hiring and recruitment purposes. These systems allow businesses to collect information, organize prospects based on experience and skill set, filter applicants, and move them through the hiring steps.

BUT don’t let the technology give you a false sense of security. If the wrong hiring strategy is automated, it will only deliver chaos faster with more consistency. Even if you’ve got the details and all the steps right, it won’t do you any good if you don’t use it on a systematic basis.

How is the Mint Kulca Applicant Tracking Software Different? 

1. Experts to Guide You

At Mint Kulca, we have hiring success experts dedicated to helping our clients create a blueprint for success in each role. We do all the legwork to ensure we obtain a comprehensive set of data on the role and environment so that we can match the data against more than a hundred different criteria.

This helps us create a clear and highly detailed picture of what a top performer for the role and environment looks like. This is the blueprint for your hiring success. 

2. Create a Reliable Process 

We use this blueprint to personalise and customise all the steps in the process. It helps us reveal enough data about a candidate to determine whether they would actually succeed in the unique role or not.

Our online tools are aligned to the best tried and tested hiring practices and are easy to use. They can help you make informed and unbiased hiring decisions based on facts and data, ensuring that you only hire top performers.

3. Hiring Strategy Platform (The Applicant Tracking Software part) 

The Mint Kulca Hiring Strategy Platform comes with all the amazing features that you would expect from applicant tracking software. Hiring teams can easily and quickly share notes and ratings on every candidate and drive a collective decision-making process throughout the entire hiring process. 

Try Mint Kulca FREE Today

Do you want help with your recruitment process and developing a hiring strategy  that works? Make Mint Kulca part of an unbiased candidate selection process that delivers the right results. We will equip your hiring team with an online platform that automates the process and helps deliver higher success rates faster, more easily, and more consistently.

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